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How to install?

How to install?

Please check this easy step-by-step guide on how to install and pay for Fitbit watch face.

1. Open Our Website With Your Smartphone And Click On The "BUY ON FITBIT" Button

2. Click On The "OPEN APP" Button To Launch The Fitbit App
3. Click "OPEN" Again If Asks

4. Click On The "SELECT" Button
5. Select All Checkboxes

6. Click Install Button
7. Wait For The Progress Bar To Finish. It May Take 1-2 Minutes Depending On The Internet Connection.
8. Check Your Watch. You Will See A Message About Your New Watch Face. If The Watch Face Has A Free Trial Period, You Can Test It And After That, You Will Have To Pay If You Wish.
9. After The Trial Period You Will See A New Message On The Screen Of The Watch Face. Open The Url From The Message And Enter The Code. * Please Note That This Is An Example And You Will Not Be Able To Purchase The Watch Face With The Code From The Picture.
10. Enter The Code From Your Watch And Click Continue
13. That's It! Congratulations! You Can Use Your New Watch Face